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GIS Institute

Each year, the CGA offers a two-day workshop about a GIS topic useful to the Harvard community. These workshops involve a keynote speaker and numerous panel discussions. Video of all presentations is available. In addition, posters and videos and other visualizations are submitted by attendees and Harvard students are eligible for the Fisher Prize in GIS competition.

2013 CGA conference: Creating the Policy and Legal Framework for a Location–Enabled Society. May 2-3, 2013

2012 CGA conference: Re-Mapping Africa in GIS: From Humanities to Health. March 29-30, 2012.

2011 CGA conference: Geospatial Collaboration: New Common Ground .

2010 CGA conference: New Technologies and Interdisciplinary Research on Religion.

2009 CGA conference: Spatial-Temporal Modeling -- Its implications across disciplines.

2008 CGA conference: Georeferencing Workshop: Challenges of and solutions for assigning geographic location to digital information - a cross-disciplinary problem. .

2007 CGA conference: Remote Sensing Technology and Applications Workshop.

2006, CGA conference: Harvard Returned to Geography. This was our inaugural workshop demonstrating the value and presence of GIS in research and industry.