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GIS Institute

Twice per year, the Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) offers a two-week program of intensive training in geographic information systems (GIS). It is offered in January and June, and meets daily for two weeks, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The program is designed for Harvard graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty who want to learn spatial analysis and apply GIS methods in their research. No previous GIS training required, but you must have familiarity with MS Office and Internet usage.

Through the nine days, participants are introduced to geographic information science and technology; spatial data development, management, and manipulation; spatial analysis concepts, tools, and procedures; hands-on use of ArcGIS and similar software; tours of GIS resources on campus, guest speakers from diverse disciplines introducing research with GIS in their fields; and one-on-one consultation and step-by-step guidance through the participants’ individual projects. The last day of the program is a conference format devoted to students' project presentations.

The maximum capacity for the entire University is 30. Submit application form to enroll. Participants will be accepted based on the value of spatial analysis to their research. Graduates of this Institute will receive a formal certificate signed by the Director of CGA and the lead professor of the Institute.

Fee for the 9-day program is $100 for people with a valid Harvard ID, and $3,150 for others. Make check payable to “Harvard University (CGA)” and drop it in the mailbox outside of CGIS Knafel Rm. K022, or mail to “Center for Geographic Analysis, 1737 Cambridge St., Suite K00A, Cambridge, MA 02138”. Alternatively, email 33 digit Harvard account by filling out the form at

How to Apply:

  • For Harvard Affiliates, please submit your application by clicking the "APPLY" button (HUID login required).
  • For Non-Harvard applicants, please submit your application by clicking the "NON-HARVARD REGISTER" button.

Note: Please provide a very short research proposal in two or three sentences, with: (1) your objective in using GIS, (2) whether you plan to collect or create GIS data, or if you will be using pre-existing data, and (3) for pre-existing data, please indicate what type of data you will be using, and if you have confirmed access to the data already. Letter of recommendation is optional (please email it to contact[at]

GIS Institute Summer 2018


GIS Institute Registration Schedule (posted seasonally):

  1. Application deadline:

    EXTENDED to Friday, March 23, 2018 @ 11:59 pm
    (Late applications can join the waitlist.)