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Up and Running with ArcGIS - Course

March 25, 2014 - 10:00am

Learn how to organize, display, analyze, and map geospatial data with ArcGIS. courses are available to all Harvard Students, Faculty and Staff.   You must first create a User Profile at,  then search for "Up and Running with ArcGIS."

Course sections (~ 3 hours)

Introduction (7m 0s)

Welcome (1m 7)
Using the exercise files (2m 15)
Working with GIS data files (3m 38)

(1.) Getting Started (1h 2m)

What is GIS? (4m 58)
Understanding ArcGIS versions (6m 1)
Getting to know the ArcMap interface (18m 10)
Orienting yourself with multiple windows (8m 48)
Understanding layers (7m 24)
Identifying features (3m 38)
Making selections (7m 51)
Viewing attribute tables (5m 30)

(2.) Exploring Geospatial Data (34m 52s)

Introducing ArcCatalog (7m 53)
Understanding vector data (3m 4)
Exploring vector data (2m 11)
Understanding raster data (4m 17)
Exploring raster data (6m 19)
Viewing and modifying metadata (6m 1)
Understanding projection and coordinate systems (5m 7)

(3.) Organizing the Map (27m 44s)

Adding data to the map (5m 37)
Importing data from online providers (5m 44)
Editing layer properties and symbology (4m 46)
Labeling features (6m 50)
Classifying data (4m 47)

(4.) Creating Data (37m 38s)

Creating new data files (4m 21)
Drawing new features with the Editor toolbar (5m 37)
Plotting points from a spreadsheet (5m 2)
Exploring ArcToolbox (7m 26)
Joining data (5m 43)
Clipping data to a study area (4m 20)
Creating buffers (5m 9)

(5.)  Finishing the Map (22m 27s)

Working with map layouts (5m 5)
Inserting a locator map (3m 13)
Creating a legend (5m 44)
Adding scale bars, north arrows, and titles (4m 45)
Printing and exporting the map to a file (3m 40)

(Conclusion) (1m 35s)

(Next steps) (1m 35)