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Fall 2016

Listed below are courses teaching GIS or using GIS as a core technology in an application discipline.  You may also search the Harvard Course Catalog for any courses that contain the keywords of 'GIS' or 'Map' in their descriptions.

class="node-title">Spatial Analysis and Representation

Fall 2016
Instructor(s)  TBD

Urban planners engage in many complex processes that defy easy representation. This course provides first-semester urban planning students with the graphic and technical skills needed to reason, design and communicate these processes with geospatial data.

class="node-title">Introduction to GIS

Fall 2016
Instructor(s)  Wendy Guan

This course introduces the concepts and components of a geographic information system (GIS). It also teaches the essential skills of operating a functional GIS through the use of ArcGIS software package. By completing this course, students will understand the operational processes of spatial data acquisition, editing and QA/QC, metadata development, geodatabase design, spatial query and display, spatial analysis and modeling, preliminary GIS application development, cartographic mapping and dynamic visualization, and GIS implementation basics.

class="node-title">FAS-Government 1008: Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

Fall 2016
Instructor(s)  Dave Strohschein

For the official website, please click here.

TuTh 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

This course introduces Geographical Information Systems and their applications. GIS is a combination of software and hardware with capabilities for manipulating, analyzing and displaying spatially referenced information. The course will meet two times a week. Every week, there will be a lecture and discussion as well as a laboratory exercise where students will work with GIS software on the computer.

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