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How to run GIS software from outside of Harvard network

For ArcGIS and its extensions, CityEngine, ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, FME and Idrisi:
Option #1: Login Harvard VPN, then use a floating license from the CGA server just like you are using it on campus. This is the easiest from anywhere with an Internet connection. Bandwidth requirement for getting a license is very low.
Option #2: Obtain a single-use license. You will need Internet connection to authorize the single-use license once, and then you can run the software without Internet connection for a year. This is for ArcGIS Desktop or ERDAS Imagine only, not available for the other products yet.
Option #3: If you need to use the other products without Internet connection, you may install FlexLM on your PC, and request a license file from CGA to make your PC act as your own license server. This will require some configuration and PC admin work. You may need to bring your PC to the CGA office to set this up.