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Highlights of the Esri User Conference 2014, San Diego July 14-18

ESRI UC 2014 - Ben Lewis

ArcGIS Pro (scheduled for release with10.3) is the new face of ArcGIS and it looks as though it will eventually ArcGIS, though that might take some years.  It is a complete code rewrite of ArcGIS from the ground up as 64bit, multithreaded, and 3D capable. It even includes the ability to find event clusters in space -time.

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server integration.  The two web publishing environments are merging with the primary difference between them becoming the pay model: software ownership in the case of ArcGIS Server and subscription a model for ArcGIS Online.  There is now a Web App Builder Extension for ArcGIS that will work across both flavors of platform.   Analytical tools previously in ArcGIS Server including density, point interpolation, and route planning are coming to ArcGIS Online.

Real time data, services, visualization.  There was a strong emphasis on handling real time data and visualization tools. A demo by the City of Ranch Cucamonga presented a real time common operating dashboard for a small city.  The internet of things was mentioned.  The GeoEvent Extension for ArcGIS Server is being released which provides a way to handle real time streaming data sources in ArcGIS server.

GeoDesign Jack Dangermond emphasized the importance of the concept of “geodesign” as an organizing principle.  According to Wikipedia, “Geodesign is a design and planning method which tightly couples the creation of design proposals with impact simulations informed by geographic contexts”.

Big Data Esri is making an initial foray into the development of tools for managing large geospatial datasets with the rollout of GIS Tools for Hadoop. This open source loosely coupled set of tools makes use of the Esri Geometry API and Hadoop. It is in the process of being made available to use within the ArcGIS desktop environment. 

Esri Geometry API  Esri has rewritten the open source Java Topology Suite (JTS) (licensed under the General Public License, as an Apache licensed library.