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FOSS4G Europe 2015 in Como, Italy

FOSS4G Europe 2015
Politecnico di Milano, Como, Italy
July 14-17, 2015

[meeting notes by Dave Strohschein]



The European edition of FOSS4G 2015 was held in Como, Italy at the Politecnico di Milano|Como Campus. This was the second time a FOSS4G European conference was held; the first one was held in Bremen, Germany in 2014. The 2015 conference saw attendance almost double from over 200 participants in 2014 in Bremen to 400 registrants for the 2015 conference. Where the Bremen conference had a general track and academic track, the Como conference was divided into five tracks: general, academic, positioning, water, and open data. In addition to these presentation tracks there was a day of workshops on July 13th and mapping parties that took place throughout the conference period. These mapping parties covered the following topics: OpenStreetMap, indoor mapping, a land coverage validation game, and emotional mapping.

Some of the more interesting (and new) projects that were introduced either in the workshops or as part of the presentations were the new GRASS 7, introduced in February 2015; the ZOO-Project, a web processing service (WPS) open source project; Geopaparrazi, an Android-based application for doing “…very fast qualitative engineering/geologic surveys.”; and OpenSensorHub, a project for organizing networked sensors into web-accessible sensor web of information using OGC standards.

The proceedings for the conference are freely available in PDF.  Feel free to distribute them!


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