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GIS Technical Blog

CGA Staff share experience and knowledge about geospatial technology and its applications.

class="node-title">Mapping Bears Ears National Monument

Considerable controversy surrounds the areas designated for protection in Southeastern Utah, which have culminated in two Presidential Proclamations.  

class="node-title">ESRI Product Update: Business Analyst for Desktop - Data Bundle MPI Data Errors

ESRI Product Update for Business Analyst for Desktop using Esri U.S. Data Bundle with Market Potential Index (MPI) data. (13 Dec 2017)

class="node-title">PeriodO Project Update

PeriodO Advisory Committee Meeting Update (2017-09-25)        meeting notes:  Lex Berman

class="node-title">FOSS4G 2017 Report

A brief report on the Free and Open Source for Geospatial Conference, held at Harvard CGA and the Seaport Hotel, from August 14th to August 19th.

class="node-title">Indian Air Pollution Data

[cga contact: Lex Berman]

class="node-title">ESRI Dev Summit 2016 - Conference Notes

ESRI Dev Summit 2016 (March 8 – 11) by Giovanni Zambotti