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Rwanda Genocide Memorials

This interactive website is in support of a multi-year project on genocide memorials in Rwanda. By showcasing original geographic, ideographic, and photographic data collected in the field, the website provides a fascinating glimpse into the ongoing project, and affords a heretofore unavailable, GIS-aided perspective on the spatial dimensions of memory in the wake of collective violence.

Mapping support for the movie “The Supreme Price”

Maps were made for a movie "The Supreme Price" about a woman from a political family in Nigeria.  Maps were meant to show the diversity of Nigeria, and will be featured in the film, to be released early in 2015.

Map on top: Map made to simulate the typical in flight map one sees in an airplane.  Used during the beginning of the movie, when the main character is flying Air France from Paris to Lagos.

Main Street, USA

Total distance of streets named "Main" in the U.S. was calculated (7,953 miles) and a list of counties with Main Streets was generated.

Custom Georeferencing Training

Training was provided to a group of researchers on how to georeference maps of Russia and Central Asia.

Afghanistan Health Asset Mapping

Villages and health assets / centers were mapped to as part of a United Nations Afghan village assistance program.

Calculating Road Mileage Per County in China

Total road length and density of roads per Chinese county was calculated

Japan Earthquake Data Portal

In response to the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami (Mar 11th 2011), CGA established a rapid response data portal.   With funding from the Reischauer Institute for Japanese Studies, the data layers were uploaded to an online webmap portal, where a number of additional data layers have been archived.

Guatemalan Religious Center Competition

Village locations and the religious centers (3 choices) each village used was mapped and symbolized with lines connecting origins and destinations. Data was collected and mapped between 1880 and 2001.

Slavery to Freedom Maps

CGA created maps for the 2010 book:  "From Slavery to Freedom". The map below depicts colonial territorial claims in North America, and was compiled from various modern and historical sources.


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