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Census Buffer Analysis of Food Proximity

Network and straight line distance buffers were created around census tract centroids for a health study.

Newton, MA Intersection Generation

ArcMap and Hawth’s Tools were used to generate intersection points for Newton, MA, to be used in a walkability study.

Malaria Study in Mopti, Mali

Rainy and dry season satellite imagery was obtained through the GeoEye Foundation to aid this research in Mopti, Mali

Dar es Saalam Sewer Line Data Processing

GPS data of sewer locations in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, was loaded into GIS and built into lines using attribute definitions.

Boston Air Pollution

This research evaluates the spatial and temporal patterns of air pollution in an urban environment. CGA helped download and map the initial data.

Also view the poster displayed at the CGA's Spatio-Temporal GIS Workshop:
Influence of Traffic on Local Air Quality in Boston, MA: A Community‐University Partnership

Youth Tobacco Initiative

The Medical Foundation partners with the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program (MTCP) which is a youth-led, statewide movement focused on tobacco prevention and control. This MTCP project focused on locations of schools compared to tobacco retailers, and the level of tobacco advertising compliance (number and placement of ads) at each retail location. CGA created base maps for Boston, displaying aerial photography, school locations with 1,000 foot buffers, and tobacco retailer locations.

MA Tract Adjacency

All census tracts in Massachusetts were processed using a python script to determine adjacent tracts for all tracts. This was converted to a Tracts to Text tool, which is available for download.

Cambodia Health Facility Digitizing

Source data for a map depicting health facilities could not be found, so CGA provided training for georeferencing and digitizing to capture the facility locations.

Healthcare Facility Analysis

CGA provided geocoding, GIS training, and built a New England road network dataset for this project.

Accra, Ghana Air Pollution Mapping

Using a GPS and air monitoring equipment, this study mapped air pollution levels in Accra. The CGA assisted by plotting this GPS, and creating a grid the researchers used for organizing the survey.


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