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European Union Future Scenario

Power point slides were edited to reflect future scenarios generated by the researcher.

Census Data Extraction by Place

ESRI Business Analyst was used to extract ~1,500 census variables for all 25,374 U.S. census designated places.

Market Analysis for an Art Design Company

An "art design receptivity" scoring system was created using a formula that took into account household income, education level, family size, density of architects, and presence of competitor outlets per zip code.

Choropleth maps showing the resulting scores were made of the 25 largest business districts in the United States; the Washington, D.C. map is pictured below.

European Pharmaceutical and Biotech Maps

Proportional symbol maps were made showing European pharmaceutical and biotech headquarter locations.

China Gross Domestic Products by Regions

For support of the course "Doing Business in China in the Early 21st Century" the CGA created maps to show economic development in the different regions of China.


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