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Esri Layers File Download

Esri Data & Maps StreetMap and Basemap Layers include U.S. and Canadian detailed street and basemap data as well as U.S. Census data from the 2010 Esri Data and Maps dataset. The data may be utilized for address matching, routing services, street and basemap display. Also included are map service layers of worldwide streets and satellite imagery.

Metadata for each individual dataset can be accessed by right-clicking on the dataset in ArcMap and going to Data > View Description. These layer files connect to a Harvard network server where the data is stored, and will not work as a stand-alone dataset unless connected to the network via PIN login.

The following downloads are available to Harvard Affiliates only. You will need login with your HUID here: Software Access page to get credentials for downloading any of the items below.

  • If not connected to the Harvard network:

    Bring a thumbdrive to an HMDC GIS lab and download it:

    Version 2012 is in "T:\ArcGIS 101 Data & Maps 2012" folder. (updated 09/04/12)

    These folders contains sub-folders for StreetMap North America, USA, Europe, and world. With questions contact the CGA .

Esri StreetMap for ArcLogistics Data for Europe based on Tele Atlas

Esri StreetMap for ArcLogistics Data for North America

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