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ESRI Data and Maps for ArcGIS 2013

Data and Maps for ArcGIS (previously called Esri Data & Maps) contains many types of map data at many scales of geography.

Most of the Data and Maps for ArcGIS collection can also now be accessed online directly from ArcGIS where it has been made available as a set of layer packages you can download. There are two ways to access ArcGIS data online. From inside ArcMap or ArcGlobe, choose File > Add Data > Add Data From ArcGIS Online and search for the data you want to access. If you search for the Data and Maps for ArcGIS group, you can browse through all the datasets it contains. Alternatively, you can access ArcGIS online content in your web browser by going to You can also go directly to the Data and Maps for ArcGIS group so you can browse its contents.

Esri Data and Maps contains:

  • United States (census, hydrography, landmarks, transportation, other)
  • StreetMap North America
  • World(Admin Boundary, city, contour, hydro, roads, urban zones, etc.)
  • Europe (NUTS 0/1/2/3 Demographics)

The following downloads are available to Harvard Affiliates only. You will need login with your HUID here: Software Access page to get credentials for downloading any of the items below.

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