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Julia L. Finkelstein

Visiting Fellow

Jan 2009 - Jun 2011; Dec 2012 - Nov 2013

Julia L. Finkelstein MPH SM ScD, is a faculty member in the Division of Nutritional Sciences, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University, and a Fellow at the Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University, Canada; Masters of Public Health degree from Brown University; and Master of Science and Doctor of Science degrees in nutrition and epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health. At the Center for Geographic Analysis, Julia is an Instructor in the GIS for Humanists course, co-PI of IndiaMap, and contributes to the AfricaMap and WorldMap projects. In her research, she applies GIS and epidemiological methods to public health research in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

Email  jfinkelstein [at] cornell [dot] edu