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Mapping a Way Forward: London, England

Consulting, data mining, and training was provided for this project that created a report on how GIS and spatial analysis can help efforts of the Lambeth Endowed Charities, London.

Calculating driving distances between nursing homes and hospitals in NY

This study examines the predictors and implications of hospitalizations to nursing homes in New York State. Among many other predictors, the CGA takes responsibility for geographical distance calculation between nursing homes and hospital facilities.

For this project the CGA geocoded the addresses of hospitals and nursing homes, and then performed network analysis to calculate driving distances between nursing homes and hospitals.


Modeling Population Distribution in Chinese History

Chinese population data go back 2000 years. The challenge was to distribute this population across the landscape in a manner that most likely reflects patterns of settlement, rather than assuming that population density within an administrative unit is uniformly distributed.

Sea Level Change with Global Warming

The animation below (click on the image to see the effect) shows the potential change in sea level with global warming, and the impact that would have on coastal morphology. The animation begins at current sea level, and progresses to 1 meter rise, through 3, 6, 9, and finally to a 12 meter rise in sea level.

Digitization of Maps of Ife, Nigeria

The CGA assisted with the development of digital vector files based on detailed planimetric maps of Ife, Nigeria.

Mapping the Record of American Democracy (ROAD) 1984-1990

Author(s)  Anders Hopperstead and Wendy Guan
August, 2006

Poster presentation on the 26th ESRI International Conference, San Diego, CA. August 7-11, 2006.

The Effects of Protected Forest Areas on Local Economic Development in Villages of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

In response to concerns about deforestation and habitat loss, many countries around the globe have set aside large tracts of land with special conservation status. However, in many instances such lands are home to existing human settlements, agriculture, or timber production.


Researching innovations on Spatiotemporal Thinking and Computing  

Service Area Population Calculator

The CGA developed an ArcObjects application that allows researchers to estimate population within a specified radii around certain points, using a raster dataset of population density.


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