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ESRI Business Analyst Online

Business Analyst Online is intended for commercial audiences focused primarily on site selection. It is a lighter package than Business Analyst ArcGIS Extension for desktop use. It is available to Harvard Affiliates only.

Google Earth Pro

To download Google Earth Pro (free):

Go to:

Click Agree and Download.

Run the installation file that is downloaded, and Google Earth Pro will open.

Enhancing discovery in spatial data infrastructures using a search engine

Author(s)  Paolo Corti​, Athanasios Tom Kralidis, Benjamin Lewis
May, 2018
PeerJ Computer Science

A spatial data infrastructure (SDI) is a framework of geospatial data, metadata, users and tools intended to provide an efficient and flexible way to use spatial information. In this paper we present an example of a search engine being added to an SDI to improve search against large collections of geospatial datasets.

Fisher Prize Award 2018: Graduate Category

Name of awardee  Yousef Awaad Hussein

Poster title:  Territory, Survey, Cartography – South China Sea

Judges comments:  “A novel approach utilizing bathymetry analysis and visualizations to challenge traditional cartographic representations of how territory is understood.”

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Fisher Prize Award 2018: Undergraduate Category

Name of awardee  Jennifer Horowitz

Poster title:  A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Man-Made Ecocide: Saddam Hussein’s Reduction of the Southern Iraqi Marshes

Judges comments: “A well executed quantitative historical analysis performed using appropriate GIS methods, presented in a visually appealing manner.”

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Follow-up on the CGA Annual Conference 2018

Read about the CGA annual conference, Illuminating Space and Time in Data Science on our technical blog here.   Audio files will be posted soon.



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