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Said Douai

GIS Intern

Sep. 2013 - Jul. 2015

Said Douai has a Bachelor degree in geography from Ibn Tofail University, Morocco, and a M.Sc. in Geographic Information Science from Salem State Univesity. His research interest focuses on the application of GISScience and Remote Sensing Imagery in global environmental change, urban planning, epidemiology and health and human development. Said’s experience in the field of GIS includes GIS Analyst working experience and internships at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and several other organizations. Among other projects, he has worked on applying GIS and remote sensing techniques to monitor desertification in North Africa, created customized maps for the MTA electoral districts and regions in a project commissioned by the MTA (Massachusetts Teachers Association), as well as completed a project for the city of Salem on the use of the GIS as a management tool for cultural inventory mapping.

Email  saiddouai [at] gmail [dot] com