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ArcGIS Desktop ArcMap 10.6 and ArcGIS Pro 2.1 Available

ArcGIS Desktop ArcMap 10.6 and ArcGIS Pro 2.1 are now available for any Harvard affiliates. Read more about what's new in ArcMap 10.6 and ArcGIS Pro 2.1. To download the software, please click here.

Esri Virtual Campus Courses

Esri E-Learning (Virtual Campus) includes self-paced courses, seminars, videos, and other resources covering a wide variety of GIS and ArcGIS topics.

The Harvard affiliate will have unlimited access to free self-paced e-learning on:

Jason Ur


Jason Ur is Director of the Center for Geographic Analysis and Professor of Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology.  He studies the origins and development of cities and empires in the Middle East and their landscape impacts, using satellite remote sensing, mobile GIS-based field survey, and geospatial analysis.  He has directed research projects in Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

jasonur [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Esri Development Center Student of the Year Award 2014

Name of awardee  Somayeh Chitchian

Title: Middle Eastern Immigration Landscape in America

Comments from the award committee: "this project is an original, exemplary example of how geographic techniques and visual analysis can depict a complex social and cultural phenomenon"

Download full poster (18mb) Download abstract (1mb)

Wendy Guan

Executive Director

Wendy is the Executive Director who manages daily operations of the CGA. She came to Harvard in 2006 as the Director of GIS Research Services for the newly established Center. Prior to that, she managed professional services at a GIS consulting firm in Washington; headed the geospatial information technology department for a multinational forestry corporation; and supervised GIS teams in a Florida government agency. Wendy has a Ph.D. in ecology and GIS; a M.A. and M.S.

wguan [at] cga [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Peter K. Bol

Founding Director

Peter Bol is the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning and the Charles H. Carswell Professor in East Asian Languages and Civilizations. He led Harvard’s university-wide effort to establish support for geospatial analysis in teaching and research. In 2005 he was named the first director of the Center for Geographic Analysis and served till September of 2014.

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online allows any Harvard affiliate to:

ESRI Community Analyst Online

Esri Community Analyst packages are now available online through interactive map applications, providing user friendly access to data on demographics and businesses in the USA. Community Analyst is focused on policy issues and enabling understanding of communities from social issues perspective.


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