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2007 CGA Conference: Remote Sensing Technology and Applications

February 16, 2007


The objective was to inform Harvard faculty members, researchers and students of the remote sensing technology, by showcasing ongoing research at Harvard that uses remote sensing, and by providing a high level, up-to-date overview of the technology and its applications.

2007 CGA Conference Presentations

Welcome Remarks 
Peter Bol

Keynote Address:
Remote Sensing of the Environment
John Jensen (video)   Slides I   &   Slides II

Panel #1: Applications in Public HealthIntroduction of Panel MembersMarcia CastroSlidesJohn BrowensteinSlidesYang LiuSlidesChris PaciorekSlidesQ & A 
 Panel #2: Applications in Ecology and Environmental StudiesIntroduction of Panel membersPaul CoteSlidesDaniel JacobSlidesPaul MoorcroftSlidesQ & A 
 Panel #3: Applications in Archeology and HistoryIntroduction of Panel membersMagaly KochSlidesJoseph GreeneSlidesBjoern MenzeSlidesJason UrSlidesQ & A 

Guest Presentation: From Launch Pad to Laptop: Accessing and Using Data from NASA's Earth Observing System

IntroductionForest Melton 
 SlidesCGA Services and Harvard Map Collection Resources 
by CGA's Director of GIS Research Services:Wendy Guan 


2007 CGA Conference Posters

Quantitative Approaches to the Remote Sensing of Ancient Settlements in the Near East using ASTER and SRTM Data   (PDF)
by Bjoern Menze

Spying on the Ancient World: Archaeological Applications of Declassified US Intelligence Satellite Photography in the Near East   (PDF)
by Jason Ur

Linking Remotely Sensed Data to Personal Health Records: Ecological Modeling for Individual Based Prevention of Lyme Disease   (PPT)
by John Brownstein

Spatial Analysis of Land Cover Properties for an Archaelogical Area in Aksum, Ethiopia, Applying High and Medium Resolution Data   (PDF)
by Magaly Koch

Remotely Sensed Risk of Exposure to Malaria Transmission   (PPT)
by Marcia Castro

Global Distribution of Urban Area and Protected Areas   (PPT)
by Robert MacDonald

A Novel Method to Estimate PM2.5 Constituent Concentration and Size Distributions Using Satellite Retrieved Fractional Aerosol Optical Depth   (PPT)
by Yang Liu

Additional Reference Materials

Web 2.0 and GIS: From Ptolemy to Tufte and Beyond (PDF)

View the workshop program (PDF)

Introduction to Remote Sensing, Part I   &   Part II   (Flash)

View a 4 page introduction to Remote Sensing technology (PDF)

Tools for Monitoring the Environmental Processes of Earth: Satellites: a lecture from SEAS ES6 "Environmental Science and Technology"

Download MultiSpec image classification freeware

An online tutorial for classifying multispectral images

Free satellite images available for download

U.S.G.S. archive of satellite images available for purchase

GIS Data Resources