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MapD Maptime Meetup - Using GPUs for Lightning Fast Analytics on MapD

Time: 7pm on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Location: CIC - 101 Main St. 14th Floor, Cloud City Room, Cambridge, MA (map)

Event Link

Students Invited to Free GIS/Mapping Lunch & Learn Event on Sep 28th

Join NEGIS (Northeast Geographic Information Society) for Lunch & Learn with Caliper Corporation.   Participants are invited to have a free lunch, free copy of Maptitude (US$695), and free attendance to the NEGIS presentation titled: Location Intelligence & Transportation GIS (GIS-T)      LOCATION AND RSVP INFO HERE

ESRI GeoInquiries for Teaching Map-based Content

Esri GeoInquiries for schools are short, standards-based inquiry activities for teaching map-based concepts found in commonly used textbooks, mainly for K-12 classroom use. The CGA has added all available GeoInquiries modules to the Harvard ArcGIS Online Organizational account. They are available from the Content tab for all members in the organization, and updates by Esri will be reflected as they become available.  DETAILS HERE

Renewed Collaboration between CGA and MapD to Accelerate Research with GPUs

At the 2017 FOSS4G conference, MapD Technologies and the CGA announced a research collaboration through the NSF I/UCRC Spatiotemporal Innovation Center. The goal is to explore the power of GPUs in spatiotemporal analytics.